Why Use DagKnows

To accelerate your DevOps journey!

Capture tribal knowledge

Capture knowledge from your team’s experts in real-time as they troubleshoot, so anyone can be the expert next time around.

Reduce Mean Time To Resolution

Our unique combination of knowledge capture, automation, and collaboration, reduces the mean time to resolution (MTTR) by 45% or more.

Automate Troubleshooting

Turn human knowledge into automatic runbooks, so you can perform root cause analysis with minimal effort.

Minimize escalations

Empower engineers to resolve problems on their own with the help of advanced documentation and automation resources.

DagKnows helps DevOps/SRE be 10x productive in what they do. It enables users to convert "tribal" Ops knowledge into structured knowledge graphs that can be used as automation playbooks.

This results in highly reusable and reliable automation that can be:

  • Searched easily for contextual resolution

  • Executed to troubleshoot/remediate issues

  • Shared with the group to elevate their expertise and productivity

  • Deployed to prevent future issues.