DevOps Automation Copilot

DagKnows reduces operational costs by up to 80% through effortless GenAI powered runbook automation for DevOps, CloudOps, ITOps and SRE.

Your team’s operational costs are ready to be optimized


of operational tasks are repetitive


of companies rely on manual processes for ops


Generative AI for DevOps

We make DevOps automation smooth and easy.

Reduce mean time to resolution

Our unique combination of knowledge capture, automation, and collaboration, reduces the mean time to resolution (MTTR) by 45% or more.

Empower your team

Advanced documentation resources empower engineers to solve problems, minimizing escalations and fastening new hires ramp ups.

Turn best practices into action

Automate your tasks faster with the help of the thousands of tried and tested automated tasks available in our library. 


How it works

GenAI Created, Expert Curated Runbooks

With DagKnows, you can generate, test and tweak automated recipes with just a few clicks. Right from your knowledge base. No context switching

Transform raw CLI activity into automated runbooks

Documentation can be dull, but what if AI could turn your CLI activity into automated, reusable runbooks?

DagKnows acts as an automatic note-taker, creating useful runbooks from your terminal activity, saving you hours and allowing you to share knowledge effortlessly.

Ready-to-user automated tasks at your fingertip

Access hundreds of tested, ready-to-use automated tasks in our community.

Easily download, customize, and deploy runbooks in just a few clicks without starting from scratch. Benefit from expert community insights!

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Some of our popular pre-built automations

Troubleshooting Kubernetes cluster issues

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Automation of SOC2 compliance checks & remediations

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AWS cost analysis and
reduction (FinOps)

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Integrate with your favourite tools


Trusted by small and big businesses alike

"DagKnows transforms our L1 engineers' manual customer support into a streamlined process. L3 engineers easily create automated runbooks with GenAI, which L1 and L2 engineers can execute smoothly via DagKnows SaaS, enhancing customer satisfaction."

Vaibhav Gupta
Director of Engineering, UdChalo

"Partnering with DagKnows gives NetBot an AI-enabled troubleshooting platform that helps troubleshoot even the most intricate network problems."

Mrinal Banerjee
Product Manager, HCL Technologies

"Our large DevOps team, busy with public cloud operations and lacking time for documentation, benefits greatly from DagKnows. It automatically turns their activity into structured runbooks, perfect for our geographically distributed teams."

David Hinkle
VP of Engineering, Securly

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