We're a team of experienced engineers deeply passionate about developing solutions for enterprise-level challenges. At heart, we're all about solving problems. Along our journey, we've discovered that the monotonous, repetitive tasks were bogging us down, preventing us from diving into more intricate problems and causing frustration among our clients.

We realized the underlying issue was a lack of shared knowledge, which kept us from automating these mundane tasks, reducing unnecessary work, slashing operational costs, and boosting our team's skills across the board, from our veteran engineers to the folks just starting out.That's why we created DagKnows: a dynamic platform that revolutionizes DevOps by leveraging Generative AI to auto-generate workflows. What's cool about DagKnows is its ability to allow users to test and fine-tune those workflows in real-time. It's our innovative solution to streamline our operations while encouraging a culture of continuous learning and improvement within our team.

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